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Physical cleaning method of uf filter membrane

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2022-04-07


    Since the function of the uf filter membrane is to remove the impurities rich in the original solution, the hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane has excellent performance and low molecular weight, and may be blocked by environmental pollution of impurities more quickly. The surface of the membrane will be blocked by various harmful impurities, and even the membrane pores can be blocked by finer impurities, thereby reducing its separation performance.


    ①Isobaric water flushing method: uf filter membrane isobaric flushing method is one of the immediate methods. The specific method is to close the ultrafiltrate outlet valve and open the fully concentrated water inlet and outlet gate valve. At this time, the working pressure inside and outside the hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane gradually tends to be the same. Due to the looseness of the stains adhering to the membrane surface due to the pressure difference, the enlarged total flow flushes the surface and reasonably removes many soft impurities on the membrane surface;

    hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane

    ②Water-air mixing cleaning method: The purified compressed gas and flowing water enter the uf filter membrane together, and the water-air mixture has a strong stirring effect on the membrane surface to remove more reliable impurities. The actual effect is better, but attention should be paid to the burden and total flow of air compression;
    ③Hot water and pure water cleaning method: Boiled water (30 ℃ ~ 40 ℃) to rinse the membrane surface has a significant removal effect on these dense and soluble impurities. High solubility in pure water. The actual effect of pure water circulation system flushing is better;

    ④ Negative pressure reverse washing method: It is a way to wash from the negative side of the uf filter membrane to the positive side, which is very suitable for the ultrafiltration membrane 3 of the inner and outer high-density layers. It's also a practical but often risky approach. Once the operation is wrong, it is easy to break the membrane or damage the bonding surface of the hollow fiber or capillary and the adhesive.

    Whether there is source water pretreatment and the quality of the solution only determine the rate at which the uf filter membrane is blocked from environmental pollution, but cannot fundamentally solve the environmental pollution problem. Even if the pretreatment is complete, there are fewer impurities in the water. The separation performance of the membrane will be slowly damaged due to accumulation over time.

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