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Uf filter membrane cleaning method and scheme

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2022-04-08

It is well known that during the long-term use of stainless steel industrial filters, the surface of uf filter membrane will be covered by various harmful impurities blocked by it, and even the membrane pores will be blocked by finer impurities, thereby reducing its separation performance. Only by solving the speed problem of the rate of environmental pollution can the problem of environmental pollution be solved in essence. Even after the solution is completed, a small amount of impurities in the water will accumulate, and the separation characteristics of the uf filter membrane will be gradually impaired. Therefore, general ultrafiltration systems should create cleaning and reconditioning techniques.

1. Cleaning method of uf filter membrane

Cleaning methods can be divided into physical methods and organic chemical methods.
③. Water-air mixing cleaning method: The purified compressed gas and flowing water enter the uf filter membrane together, and the water-air mixture will be strongly stirred on the surface of the membrane to remove more reliable impurities. The effect is better, but pay attention to the burden of air compression and total flow.
④. Hot water and pure water rinsing method: The surface of the membrane is rinsed with boiling water (30℃~40℃), and the removal effect of these thick and soluble impurities is remarkable. Pure water has strong solubility, and the actual effect of pure water circulation system flushing is good.

⑤. Negative pressure reverse flushing method: It is a way of flushing from the negative side of the membrane to the positive side, which is very suitable for hollow fiber or capillary ultrafiltration membranes with high density layers inside and outside. It's also a viable but often risky approach. Once improperly operated, it is easy to break the uf membrane module or destroy the bonding surface of the hollow fiber or capillary ultrafiltration membrane and the adhesive, resulting in leakage.

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2. Uf filter membrane water treatment and cleaning scheme

(1) Flush all ultrafiltration systems with cold water. The temperature is preferably a high temperature that the uf membrane module can withstand.
(2) Use a suitable cleaning agent for circular cleaning. Detergents will contain complexing agents such as EDTA or hexametaphosphate.
(3) Rinse with cold water to remove detergent.
(4) Where required, the permeable diffusion coefficient of the membrane is calibrated.

(5) Disinfect, sterilize and store with 0.5% formaldehyde aqueous solution.

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