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The use characteristics of uf membrane

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2022-04-09


    As we all know, uf system water treatment adopts various processes to treat sewage, of which mbr uf membrane biological sewage treatment technology is one of them. Nowadays, mbr uf membrane biological sewage treatment technology is often used in the application of sewage recycling to solve the filtration problem of sewage recycling and reuse. What are the characteristics of mbr uf membrane in the process of use?

    mbr uf membrane

    (1) The biomass of the biological treatment unit can be maintained at a high concentration to further increase the capacity load. At the same time, the accuracy of membrane separation greatly reduces the residence time of hydroelectric power generation in the treatment unit, and the total area of the bioreactor is correspondingly reduced.
    (2) It can effectively carry out solid-liquid separation equipment to separate floating chemicals, colloidal solution chemicals, and microbial flora from the biological module from the purified water. The separation process is simple, the total area is small, the water output is good, and generally no three-stage solution is required.
    (3) Extend the residence time of some biomacromolecules that are difficult to decompose, which is beneficial to their dissolution.

    (4) Membrane treatment technology is the same as other filtration separations. During the long-term operation, the mbr uf membrane is blocked as a filter material. The reasonable backwashing and chemical water treatment through the gradual reduction of the running time of the water flow can alleviate the decrease of the membrane transmittance and maintain a reasonable service life of the ultrafiltration filter.

    (5) Since the outflow of various microbial flora can be avoided, it is beneficial to the slow growth and development of bacteria (nitrifying bacteria, etc.), so that the whole process of various metabolisms in the system software runs smoothly.
    (6) In the treatment of domestic sewage, ultrafiltration filter can complete the automatic operation management method due to its simple process and convenient actual operation.

    The above is about the characteristics of mbr uf membrane during use. If you encounter other problems during use, you can contact the online customer service for the first time.

    uf system water treatment

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