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The working principle and application of ultrafiltration filter

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2022-04-21

1. Working principle of ultrafiltration filter

Ultrafiltration technology is close to the membrane system between microfiltration and nanofiltration membranes, with an average diameter of 3-100nm. Uf membrane module is a membrane separation device that can purify and separate aqueous solutions. The interception principle of the concentrated membrane separation equipment is mainly the screening effect. However, sometimes the membrane pores are larger than the molecular structure of the organic solvent and larger than the molecular structure of the solute. The organic chemical properties of the membrane surface also have a trapping effect. The pressure difference on both sides of the membrane is used as the driving force, and the ultrafiltration membrane is used as the filter material. Under a certain working pressure, when the flowing water passes through the membrane surface, only the concentration base of water and low-content substances is allowed, so as to realize the purification, separation and concentration of the aqueous solution.

ultrafiltration filter

2.The application of ultrafiltration filter.

①. Drinking water.
Ultrafiltration can generally remove microbial strains such as Daphnia, algae, germs and even virus infections contained in water. Combined with the second-generation process treatment, it can make full use of the advantages of various processing techniques to eliminate pathogenic microbial strains, turbidity in water. All natural organic compounds, a small amount of organic chemical pollutants, permanganate index, etc. have good practical effects, so as to meet everyone's higher and higher requirements for water bodies.
②. Wastewater.

According to the various characteristics of uf membrane module, it is widely used in both domestic sewage treatment and industrial production. Domestic sewage can be reused after the water quality is improved after being treated by ultrafiltration filter. The general technology cannot reach the qualification, so the choice of ultrafiltration technology can fully solve the problem.

uf membrane module

In the operation of ultrafiltration filter, the scientific research of ultrafiltration membrane fouling control should be emphasized to prevent the failure of ultrafiltration membrane, thereby improving and improving the rationality, energy saving and practical operation management methods of the equipment.

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