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Application of ultrafiltration filter

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2022-04-25

First, the basic concept of ultrafiltration filter

Ultrafiltration is the whole process driven by the radial fluidity of liquid and working pressure, and the particles in water are separated according to the size of relative molecular mass. The diameter of the ultrafiltration membrane is about 0.002-0.1 μm. Dissolved substances and substances smaller than the membrane diameter can pass through the filter paper as a liquid, and substances that cannot pass through the filter paper are cut off and concentrated in the effluent. Therefore, the water production will include water, positive ions, and small molecular water, while colloidal solutions, particulate matter, germs, viral infections, and coelenterates will be removed by the membrella ro membrane.

Second, the types and application characteristics of ultrafiltration membranes in ultrafiltration filter

ultrafiltration filter

Ultrafiltration membranes are divided into four key types by structure: flat membrane, roll membrane, tubular membrane and membrane.
1. Flat film: It is the first film that occurs, but the application of this film is very limited due to the inability to guarantee a moderate flow rate on the surface of the film and complex sealing problems.
2. Roll film: The development trend starting from flat film, because the grid of the roll film produces fixed points and stainless steel sediment filter, it is generally not suitable for industrial production source water solution. They are suitable for high temperature, high pressure raw material separation, etc.
3. Tubular membrane: Due to its large energy consumption, it is not suitable for general water treatment in economic development, and is generally suitable for liquids with high solid content or high oil concentration.

4. Hollow fiber membrane: due to its low working pressure, no dead point in safety channel, high diffusion coefficient, and can be softened, it is a good choice except for unique water quality (such as high oil content, high solid content, etc.). , for the four membranes, the application in water treatment is more common.

Second, the use of ultrafiltration filter.

Ultrafiltration filter is widely used in the water treatment industry. Depending on the application site, the key can be used for:
1. Pretreatment of source water: clarifier, sand filter replacement, RO pretreatment and ion exchange pretreatment are used to remove solids and colloidal solutions in raw water to improve the operation of long-term mechanical equipment after the event, such as improving the softening of ion exchangers Frequency and replacement frequency of RO reverse osmosis membrane elements, but must be cleaned/cleaned frequently. The film type is generally a laser cutting amount of 100,000 molecular structures.

2. Purification treatment: remove particles, remove microbial strains and chlamydia positivity, after RO or ion exchange post-treatment process is applied to RO reverse osmosis equipment, ultrafiltration is used to remove colloidal solution and solid matter in water quality, water permeability High, cleaning frequency is low, do not need frequent cleaning. Cleaning can only be done when the working pressure of the system software is reduced to the point where actual operation is troublesome or caused by germs.

membrella ro membrane

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