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Algae removal method of ro membrane filter

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2022-05-27

Today, there are more and more pollutants in the water, which is easily affected by sunlight. Shallow water and slow-moving water are prone to algal blooms under nutrient-rich standards, especially in spring and summer, when algae levels are high. The ultrafiltration technology in ro membrane filter is a reverse osmosis membrane technology that is widely used in the purification of crude salts, the separation and concentration of aqueous solutions, as well as the acquisition of effective chemicals from industrial wastewater, and the purification and reuse of sewage. Uf membrane module is a membrane separation technology based on the basic principle of mechanical equipment screening and the pressure difference on both sides of the membrane as the driving force. Separation of molecular structures and biological macromolecules (with a relative molecular mass of 10,000-100,000) with a diameter of 50A-2000A (0.05μm-0.2μm) in high performance liquid phase.

ro membrane filter

First, the main features of ro membrane filter

1. The purpose of separation, concentration, purification and classification can be achieved without adding all chemical substances;
2. Low energy consumption, no thermoelectric effect and phase change, and still maintain the physical and chemical properties of the original product after separation;
3. Simple structure and small footprint;

4. The system is flexible, the actual operation is simple, the operation is fast, the installation and maintenance are convenient, and the automation technology is easy to complete;

Second, the algae removal method of ro membrane filter

1. Ro membrane filter algae removal microfilter is a stainless steel filter system that intercepts tiny floating objects. The microfilters used for algae removal mostly use filters with holes of 20~40μm, the algae removal effect is 40%~70%, and the zooplankton sludge load can reach 97%~100%. This method is mainly used to treat lake water with low turbidity and high algae.
2. To remove algae by air flotation, add a coagulant to the water containing more algae and a certain degree of turbidity, and then convert it into a sloping plate sedimentation tank, and then use the ro membrane filter air flotation method to float the flocs to the river surface for removal, which can be removed. Obtain faster separation speed.

3. Dosing and algae killing method Adding sodium thiosulfate (2~3mg/L) to the water collection lake or source water storage pool in time can eliminate algae or manipulate algae reproduction. But this method is harmful to fish species. Using the pre-isopropyl titanate method for purified water processing can control the growth and development of algae in water purification buildings.

uf membrane module

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