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Ro uf membrane is an important component of ultrafiltration systems water treatment

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2022-06-23

Nowadays, the application of ultrafiltration systems water treatment is very common, and uf membrane filter is used for industrial water, domestic water, and sewage treatment. Ro uf membrane is an important component of ultrafiltration systems water treatment.

ultrafiltration systems water treatment

1. The unique structure of the membrane filament.

Ro uf membrane is a homogeneous asymmetric dense porous material membrane, which consists of a high-density separation layer and a relatively loose support point layer. The cross-sectional structure of the traditional PVDF uf membrane filter membrane filaments is a macroporous finger-like structure, which has good water absorption, but harms the compressive strength of the membrane filaments; the cross-section of the membrane filaments made of traditional polyether alum is a sponge-like structure with high compressive strength. , but the water permeability friction resistance is large. The ro uf membrane provided by Hua Membrane Group Co., Ltd. combines the characteristics of the two structures. Both sides of the membrane wire are high-density honeycomb structure, and the middle is a finger structure with good water absorption, which ensures the compressive strength of the membrane wire and has good water resistance.

ro uf membrane

2. Membrane wall thickness.

In order to better improve the impact toughness of the ro uf membrane and reasonably control the damage of the membrane filaments, the inner pressure ro uf membrane of Huame Film selects membrane filaments with thicker hollow walls, of which the nominal diameters are 1.0mm.1mm and 1.5mm. The thickness of the hollow membrane fiber is 0.25mm, 0.30mm and 0.35mm, respectively. In general, increasing the thickness reduces the flux, but has good hydrophilicity and a satisfactory interstitial structure, which not only guarantees high impact toughness but also the flux of the ultrafiltration membrane.

3. Unique root maintenance.

The broken wire of the ultrafiltration membrane is the biggest problem that will endanger the service life. The connection between the hollow membrane wire and the casting layer is the most easily broken area. The root and the ductile raw material of the invention patent are used to complete the root and epoxy resin glue casting layer. The flexible connection completely avoids the hidden safety hazard of the root cracking of the hollow membrane.

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