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Reasons for the popularity of uf filter cartridge

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2022-06-23

At present, the demand for uf filter cartridge in my country is relatively common, and it has the characteristics of high water flow and long service life. Moreover, the compressive strength of the membrane filament is higher than that of the ro purifier membrane. So, what makes uf filter cartridge so popular?

uf membrane module

1. Permanent hydrophilicity.

The uf filter cartridge is made of the modified material polyvinyl vanadium (MPS) cross-linked by the hydrophilic component PVP. By mixing the hydrophilic raw material with the coating liquid, and after coating the film to solve the hydrophilic invention patent, the hydrophilicity of the film surface is promoted and fixed. The uf filter cartridge is not easily contaminated by organic compounds and oils, and is easy to recover even if it is contaminated, and the hydrophilicity is not easily damaged with the increase of operating time.

2. The water distribution method is uniform.

The uf filter cartridge adopts a distributed cloth wire, and the internal structure of each uf membrane module is divided into 18 secondary coil membrane bundles. The purpose is to make the transmembrane pressure difference of each hollow membrane wire as consistent as possible to prevent Unbalanced amount of pollution causes unbalanced pollution. Dispersed cloth filaments can further improve the fouling resistance of membrane components.

3. Thicker inner diameter of hollow membrane fibers.

Practical experience shows that, under the same conditions, the nominal diameter of the thicker hollow membrane fiber has strong anti-pollution performance, can be recovered after pollution, and is more adaptable to water source water transformation. In the sales market, the nominal diameter of the hollow membrane fibers of the internal pressure uf membrane module is generally 0.6~0.9mm. Huamem Ultrafiltration Membrane provides three kinds of hollow membrane components with different nominal diameters of the membrane fibers. The nominal diameters of the membrane fibers are 1.0mm.1.2mm.1.5mm, the user can choose a more suitable membrane component according to the pollution level of the water source, so that its anti-pollution working ability and pollution ability are guaranteed.

uf filter cartridge

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