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Characteristics and functions of ro uf membrane

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-11-26

1.The role of ultrafiltration membranes

Ro uf membrane means that under the working pressure of the aqueous solution, the concentration of organic solvents and some low molecular weight substances penetrates uf membrane module to the other side of the membrane, while the concentration of polymer materials or other emulsion micelles are trapped to complete the separation from the solvent the goal of. The interception principle is mainly the screening effect, but sometimes the organic chemical properties of the membrane surface (the electronic effect of the membrane) also play a role in interception. When ro uf membrane is separated, the polymer chemicals and colloidal solution chemicals are blocked because they are absorbed by the membrane surface and uf membrane module are blocked in the pores, trapped on the membrane surface, and screen mechanical equipment. Water, carbonates, and low molecular structure chemicals pass through the membrane.

ro uf membrane

2. Features of ro uf membrane

a. The removal efficiency of residue is high, and the water production is much better than traditional methods;
b. Thoroughly solve or greatly reduce the application of organic chemicals to prevent secondary pollution;
c. The system automation technology is convenient, the stability is high, and the operation is simple;
d. It has excellent organic chemical reliability, acid resistance, alkali resistance and solubility resistance, and can be widely used in many industries;
e. High temperature resistance can reach 140℃, high temperature and high pressure steam and ethylene oxide can be used for disinfection and sterilization. It can be widely used in the PH range, and can be applied to strong acid, strong acid and various organic solution standards.

1 is a reasonable natural barrier for floating particles and chemical substances in colloidal solutions. At the same time, ro uf membrane can also effectively remove insects, algae, germs, virus infections and aquatic organisms, thereby purifying, separating and concentrating aqueous solutions. It has low energy consumption, low actual operation burden, high separation efficiency, large diffusion coefficient, and effective chemical recovery. Etc. It is widely used in domestic water purification treatment, domestic sewage treatment and recycling, oily wastewater, paper pulp wastewater, seawater desalination equipment and other sewage treatment.

uf membrane module

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