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Application of uf membrane filter

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-11-26

1. Advantages of uf membrane filter

The water treatment adopts pure physical methods such as ultrafiltration membrane filtration, which can reasonably filter the rust, fine sand and bacterial viruses in the water, preserve the minerals and nutrients in the water, and the effluent water body is similar to pure water. The technical performance of uf membrane filter makes the germ filtration rate reach 99.999%, and the virus infection sludge load reaches 99.99%. The entire filtration process does not need to add chemical disinfectants, this purely physical filtration method can bring you safe and reliable domestic water.

uf membrane filter

2. Uf membrane filter application in water treatment.

1. Purification treatment of domestic water.
When ultrafiltration membrane used to purify edible coarse salt, it can remove water fleas, algae, coelenterate, bacteria and even microbial strains other than viral infections in the water, and it can affect the pathogenic microorganisms in the water, turbidity, pure natural organic compounds, and a small amount Organic chemical pollutants, permanganate index, etc. have good solutions to meet everyone's requirements for the water environment.
2. Solve the wastewater from the papermaking industry.

Ultrafiltration membrane used in paper industry wastewater, it is mainly to concentrate and recover certain components, and the passed water returns to the processing process. The scientific research on membrane separation of general papermaking industry wastewater specifically involves the development and utilization of recycling by-product lignin, the pre-concentration of papermaking wastewater, and the removal of toxic substances in bleach wastewater.

ultrafiltration membrane

3. Solve oily wastewater.

Oily wastewater is divided into floating oil, dispersed oil and emulsified liquid. The first two are relatively easy to solve, and can be solved by mechanical equipment separation, condensation deposition, activated carbon filtration and other technologies to reduce the oil to a very low level. However, emulsions have surfactants and organic compounds with the same functions. There are millimeter-sized positive ions in water, which makes it difficult to force separation and coarse-graining. Use ultrafiltration membrane technology to remove COD and BOD from water and organic compounds with low molecular structure through the membrane, thereby completing the separation of water and oil.

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