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Description of the advantages of hollow fiber uf membrane

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-11-26

1. Composition of hollow fiber uf membrane

Hollow fiber uf membrane is composed of hundreds to thousands of fine hollow chemical fiber filaments. Uf membrane module Ultrafiltration membranes with an inner diameter of 0.6-6mm are generally called capillary ultrafiltration membranes. Capillary ultrafiltration membranes are not easily affected by large particles due to their large inner diameter. Chemical clogging.

The performance of hollow fiber uf membrane generally refers to the organic chemical performance and separation performance of the membrane. The key to organic chemistry performance involves the mechanical strength, chemical resistance, high temperature range and available pH range of the film.

hollow fiber uf membrane

2. hollow fiber uf membrane advantage

a. Good water absorption.
After a special pro-coagulation solution, the membrane filament has long-term hydrophilic properties, and the hydrolysis reaction tentacles are reduced from 79-90 degrees before the modified material to 30-35 degrees. It can obtain a higher water flow rate under a lower transmembrane working pressure, and at the same time improve the environmental pollution resistance of the membrane filament.
b. High filtration accuracy.
With a microplate with a balance of less than 0.1μm, it can remove microorganisms, colloidal solutions, diatom mud and other chemical substances that cause turbidity.
c. Excellent mechanical strength.
The mechanical strength size of hollow fiber uf membrane indicates the ability of membrane filaments to resist broken filaments. Broken filaments make the ultrafiltration membrane lose its separation performance, which is a key index value for evaluating the performance of ultrafiltration membranes.
d. Long service life and strong stain resistance.
Using high-quality PVDF as raw material, pvdf uf membrane has excellent solvent corrosion resistance, air oxidation resistance and aging resistance. Therefore, we can continuously remove pollutants and repair flux through various methods.
e. Product performance is stable.
Start with the supply of raw and auxiliary materials, processing technology and product quality inspection. Ensure the stable quality of raw materials, consistent and accurate operation during the production process and 100% inspection of the equipment to ensure the stable performance of the equipment.

As the pollution of water resources intensifies, the requirements for terminal equipment to purify water are getting higher and higher. All water purification technologies in China are also developing rapidly. From the appearance of equipment, programming design to today's key technologies, the marketing and application of pvdf uf membrane is taking place.

pvdf uf membrane

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