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Precautions for replacement of membrane for ro water purifier

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-11-26

Membrane for ro water purifier should be replaced or cleaned after a period of use. After all, they have been installed in water for a long time to deal with various residues and stains. Therefore, even high-quality membrane for ro water purifier has a certain service life. After the service life reaches the limit, the user must replace it.

1. Pay attention to purchase the same type and specification of membrane for ro water purifier.

membrane for ro water purifier
There are many different specifications for membrane for ro water purifier in applications. Users should pay attention to purchasing the same specifications when ordering, so that they can be replaced smoothly. In addition, different membrane models and specifications, and different water seepage working pressures and separation rates, will cause the water production rate to fail to meet the requirements of mechanical equipment. Therefore, users should be cautious when buying the same model of reverse osmosis element membrane.

2. Pay attention to the correct insertion of each pipe when replacing.

When using ro system membrane, there will be many quick-insertion type tap water pipes on both sides, so users make mistakes when replacing the pipes, including the water inlet, outlet or waste pipe. Before gradually pulling out the pipes, it is necessary to identify the location of each pipe connection and clearly distinguish it to prevent reverse plugging during replacement. Generally speaking, the shorter port is the sewage port, and the longer port has only one port at the other end is the inlet pipe.

3. Pay attention to prevent the replacement of other pipelines.

When replacing ro system membrane, pay special attention not to involve other pipes. Because there are many kinds of pipes in all walks of life, it is necessary to understand the function of each line, do not pull the wrong plug, so as to avoid water seepage after replacement, which directly affects the routine application of the house.

The above are three issues that we must pay special attention to when replacing membrane for ro water purifier. When users do not know the replacement technology, they can provide technical services to the store. Technically professional household reverse osmosis membranes will have a professional after-sales team, which will bring excellent technology development and application to users in the application and replacement process.

reverse osmosis element membrane

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