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Model type distinction of industrial ro membrane

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-11-26

The choice of the product model of the industrial ro membrane must be determined according to the raw water body and the user's needs for membrane process and water production. The category and specifications of the industrial ro membrane are also set in accordance with the above regulations.

industrial ro membrane

1. How to choose the model of industrial ro membrane

The reverse osmosis element membrane on the market can generally be divided into two types: brackish water membrane and seawater desalination membrane. The application boundary is basically that the salt content of the raw water is 10,000ppm. When the salt content of the raw water exceeds 10,000ppm, the seawater desalination membrane should be used. On the contrary, the brackish water membrane element should be used. This is because when the salt content exceeds 10,000 ppm, especially for high utilization systems, after the raw water is concentrated according to the industrial ro membrane, due to the increase in the osmotic concentration, the required promoting working pressure is likely to exceed the basic brackish water membrane element. limit.

reverse osmosis membrane cartridge

2.the type of industrial ro membrane

a. High desalination membrane element: suitable for eliminating and deep solving basic brackish water, groundwater and drinking water. Excellent desalination performance and high water production rate.
b. Ultra-low frequency/ultra-low frequency membrane element: suitable for eliminating and deeply solving brackish water, groundwater and drinking water with a salt content of about 1000ppm. The ultra-low frequency membrane element has extremely low operating pressure and high water production rate, which can greatly save the operating cost of the system.
c. Anti-fouling membrane element: It is suitable for industries that have strict preparation treatment but still have organic compounds and other pollution sources in the water supply.
d. Standard high-pressure membrane element: The high-pressure-resistant reverse osmosis membrane cartridge has the maximum standard pressure resistance, good and stable desalination performance, and can ensure high-quality water flow from the lake under the high-utilization standard. It is suitable for desalination of high-concentration sea surface.
e. High boron removal membrane element: the maximum standard boron removal rate and salt removal rate, good and stable desalination performance, can ensure high-quality passing water from the lake under the high utilization rate standard

f. Energy-saving membrane element: It has obvious performance such as high desalination rate, large diffusion coefficient of product water, and low operating cost, which can reasonably reduce the investment in mechanical equipment projects and the operating cost of operating systems.

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