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Product structure and principle description of pvdf uf membrane

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-11-26

Pvdf uf membrane is widely used in industrial production and has become one of the actual operations of new chemical plant units. Used for separation, high concentration, purification of biopharmaceuticals, pharmaceutical products and its food industry; also used for terminal equipment solution equipment for blood night solution, sewage treatment and ultra-pure water system production. With the development of new technologies, the selection effect of uf membrane module will eventually be improved and promoted, and its contribution to human society will also increase.

1. Product structure.

The structure of pvdf uf membrane can be divided into symmetric and asymmetric encryption. The former is anisotropic, there is no skin layer, and the porosity in all directions is the same, which belongs to deep filtration; the latter has a higher density surface and a bottom layer with a finger structure as the core, and the surface thickness is 0.1μm or more. It is small and has well-ordered micropores. The thickness of the bottom layer is 200~250μm, which belongs to surface filtration. Asymmetric encryption membranes are generally used in industrial production.

pvdf uf membrane

2.Working principle of ultrafiltration membrane.

The whole process of pvdf uf membrane screening uses the pressure difference between the two sides of the membrane as the driving force and the membrane as the filtering material. Under a certain working pressure, when the source liquid passes through the membrane surface, the many tiny pores covered by the surface only allow water and small molecular water chemicals to pass through the liquid, while the volume in the source liquid exceeds the membrane surface pore size. The organic flow to the leakage side of the membrane becomes the extraction liquid, thereby completing the purification, separation and dissolution of the source liquid.

The thickness of the membrane filament wall per meter is about 6 billion times of 0.01μm micropores, and its diameter only allows water, beneficial minerals and nutrients in the water, at least the size of the bacteria is above 0.02μm, so colloidal solutions, rust, suspended solids, fine Sand and biological macromolecular substances are much larger than germs and can be intercepted by pvdf uf membrane to achieve the entire cleaning process.

working principle of ultrafiltration membrane

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