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Application of uf membrane module in water treatment

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-11-26

As we all know, Uf membrane module can be used as a preparation for the whole process of processing in the purification, concentration, and separation process of water treatment and industrial production. It can also be used as an in-depth solution for the whole process of processing. It is often used as a high-level purification method.

uf membrane module

1. Uf membrane module are used to eliminate microorganisms

When the water contains microorganisms, after entering the pre-treatment system, some of the intercepted microorganisms are likely to adhere to the pre-treatment system software, such as the material surface of the multi-substance filter device. When adsorbed on the surface of the ro uf membrane, it grows and reproduces, and it is very likely that the micropores will be completely blocked, or even the inner wall of the hollow chemical fiber will be completely blocked. Hollow fiber uf membrane are more dangerous. The removal of bacteria, algae and other microorganisms in raw water must arouse great attention. Generally, reducing agents such as NaClO and O3 are added to the water treatment, and the concentration value is generally 1~5mg/l.

hollow fiber uf membrane

2. Uf membrane module reduces influent turbidity

If the water contains suspended solids, colloidal solutions, microorganisms and other impurities, the water will have a certain degree of turbidity. This turbidity will affect the passing of the light source. This electron optical effect is related to the number, size and appearance of the debris. related. Considering that the turbidity of water is generally expressed by the degree of corrosion, and the turbidity caused by 1mg/lSiO2 is required to be 1 degree, the greater the myopia, the greater the impurity content. Different industries have different regulations on the turbidity of the water supply. For example, for ordinary drinking water, the turbidity should not exceed 5 degrees. Because the turbidity detection is to accurately measure the diopter, hue, and opacity generated by the reflection surface of the fine particles in the water by passing the light source through the source water, the size, total number and shape of the particles will affect the measurement, and the difference between turbidity and suspended solids Mutually related. For particles below many microns, turbidity cannot be reflected.

The water permeability of the uf membrane module increases with the increase of temperature. Generally, the viscosity of the solution decreases with the temperature, thereby reducing the frictional resistance of fluidity, and correspondingly increasing the water permeability. The specific temperature of the on-site liquid supply should be considered in engineering technology. Especially the time period changes, when the temperature is too low, the temperature adjustment should be considered. Otherwise, with the temperature change, the permeability coefficient may change about 50%. In addition, too high temperature will also endanger the characteristics of the membrane. Generally speaking, the working temperature of hollow fiber uf membrane should be 25±5℃, while the heat-resistant membrane material and shell material can work at higher temperatures.

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