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Solution process steps of ultrafiltration membrane system

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-11-26

With the development trend of industrial production, the pollution of water environment is getting more and more serious, and people's demand for water treatment is also increasing. More and more companies choose ro uf membrane for water treatment. So far, ultrafiltration is a reasonable RO pretreatment method. In addition, ro uf membrane is also used to immediately solve many industries such as municipal engineering domestic water, wastewater, industrial sewage treatment, and food.

1. Solution process steps of ultrafiltration membrane system

ultrafiltration membrane system
Ultrafiltration membrane system process section adopts immersed hollow chemical fiber ultrafiltration membrane.
The key goal of the ultrafiltration process is to reduce the turbidity of the water and remove the biological macromolecular organic compounds, pathogens and original microorganisms in the water. Only a part of this process section removes the dissolved organic matter, organic compound and virus infection and other residues in the water. The RO reverse osmosis process uses membrella ro membrane with a diameter of less than 1 nanometer, which can effectively remove various small molecular water carbonates, organic compounds and virus infections. The further elimination of UV sterilization section is the residual pathogen and virus infection.
The ultrafiltration process uses hollow chemical fiber ultrafiltration membranes, which are also membranes with different double skin structures. The membrane material is super absorbent polyethersulfone, especially modified materials. This kind of water-absorbing membrane is not easy to foul, has high flux, and the actual effect is stable. It can withstand various oxides and cleaning agents. The membrane unit adopts an external pressure fully enclosed design scheme, with high system software utilization, small floor space, good actual operating conditions, and no peculiar smell.

membrella ro membrane

2. Summary of the advantages of ultrafiltration membrane system

1. High system utilization.
2. Continuous operation of fully automated technology.
3. Fully enclosed steps, odorless.
4. The actual operation protection is simple, and the production and manufacturing cost of chemical products is low.
5. The filtrate is of good quality and stable.
6. Small footprint.
7. High flux, stable water production rate and good cleaning effect.
With the use of regulations in the fields of biotechnology, food industry, pharmaceutical industry and environmental protection, ultrafiltration membrane system is also playing an increasingly critical role in many industries. At present, it has been widely used in power engineering, steel, chemical plants and other chemical wastewater solutions. With the development of social economy, there will be more and more large-scale sewage treatment projects, creating a broad market indoor space for the ultrafiltration membrane system.

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