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The influence of ultrafiltration membrane technology operating parameters on the application

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-11-26


    Ultrafiltration membrane technology is one of the key processing technologies in the 21st century processing field. It has good hardness and flexibility. It has been modified by hydrophilic materials and has strong anti-pollution properties. It has good organic chemical reliability, acid resistance, alkali resistance and solubility resistance. During operation, the reliability of the system using the main parameters is very important. The main parameters of the actual operation of the ultrafiltration membrane 1 include flow rate, working pressure, gas pressure, concentrated water consumption, recycling and temperature.

    ultrafiltration membrane technology
    1. The flow rate refers to the fluidity rate of the source liquid on the membrane surface, which is the key practical operating parameter of the ultrafiltration membrane technology in the ultrafiltration membrane system. When the flow rate is large, it will not only cause kinetic energy consumption and excessive gas pressure, but also accelerate the decline of the collapse characteristics. On the contrary, if the flow rate is small, the thickness of the adhesion layer produced by the interception on the membrane surface will increase, leading to the polarization of the concentration value, which will not only damage the water permeability rate, but also affect the water permeability quality.

    ultrafiltration membrane system
    2. The pressure range of the hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane is 0.1~0.6MPa, which refers to the pressure that is generally used for aqueous solutions within the definition of ultrafiltration membrane technology.
    3. In Ultrafiltration membrane system, the recovery ratio and the consumption of concentrated water are mutually restrictive factors. The recovery ratio refers to the ratio of the water volume to the demand volume, and the concentrated water consumption refers to the volume of water that does not flow out through the membrane. Because the amount of water provided is equivalent to the sum of the concentrated water and the passing water, if the concentrated water consumption is large, the recycling amount is small.
    4. The water permeability of the ro uf membrane increases with the increase of temperature, and the viscosity of the general solution decreases with the decrease of temperature, thereby reducing the frictional resistance of fluidity and correspondingly increasing the water permeability. In engineering technology, the specific temperature of the liquid provided on site during work should be considered.
    In the water treatment and other industrial production purification treatment, concentration and separation processes, the ultrafiltration membrane technology can be used as a preparation for the entire processing process, and can also be used as an in-depth solution for the entire processing process.

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