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Technology and Application of ro uf membrane

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-11-26

Ro uf membrane is widely used in pure water production, because purified water has become a problem that must be dealt with in everyone's daily life. Whether it is everyone's daily consumption or the tap water produced by the company, higher requirements are placed on the purity of the water. The ro uf membrane has strong filtration and separation characteristics, and has an irreplaceable effect in the entire purification process.

ro uf membrane

1. Ro uf membrane filtration technology and application analysis.

At the level of drinking water treatment, it is recommended to choose an ultrafiltration membrane water dispenser, which can reasonably remove heavy metal ions, particulate residues, carbon tetrachloride, chloroform and organic chemical microorganisms in the water that are harmful to the human body, while preserving the beneficial effects in the raw water. Water makes drinking water healthier and safer.

Adding the uf membrane module to the stainless steel water filter can make the pure water preparation step simpler and the actual effect is better. The ro uf membrane has the characteristics of a small microporous plate, which can cut off small environmental pollution chemicals, which is unmatched by other pure water equipment.

uf membrane module

2. Analysis of technical indicators of ro uf membrane.

The ultrafiltration membrane filament is made into an ultrafiltration element through a casting process, which is composed of an ABS shell and an epoxy resin shell on both sides of the shell. The epoxy resin shell fills the gap between the membrane filament and the membrane filament, creating a protection between the original liquid and the permeate. The original liquid enters the membrane pore wall first, and becomes the permeate after being filtered by the uf membrane module, which prevents the original liquid from directly entering the permeate without being filtered. The source water enters the membrane tube first. Under the action of the pressure difference, many 0.01μm microporous plates covered by the membrane surface only allow water, beneficial minerals and nutrients to pass through and become filtered water. However, harmful substances such as bacteria, rust, colloidal solution, fine sand, suspended solids, biological macromolecules and organic compounds are intercepted into the membrane tube and discharged during cleaning.

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