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Precautions for the application of pvdf uf membrane

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-11-26


    Ultrafiltration membrane technology is a new biological treatment process that combines separation technology and biological treatment technology. Compared with traditional technology, pvdf uf membrane has the following main features: high resolution efficiency, good effluent quality, compact mechanical equipment, and small footprint ; It is easy to complete the automatic control system, and the operation and management method is simple.

    pvdf uf membrane

    1. The uf membrane water purifier should be disinfected in time.

    Pvdf uf membrane can trap bacteria, but cannot kill bacteria. No matter how good the interception rate is, the pvdf uf membrane cannot guarantee the bacteria in the clean area for a long time, and it is very likely that many bacteria will multiply. Directly endanger water quality. For example, in some purified aquatic products, transparent flocculent and milky white flocculent clusters of Aspergillus flavus appear mainly due to environmental pollution of the system by Aspergillus flavus. Therefore, it is necessary to timely sterilize the environment and filter devices on time. The actual operation cycle of sterilization depends on the quality of the source water. For general drinking water in big cities, 7-10 days in summer, 30-40 days in winter, and 20-30 days in spring and autumn. As groundwater is a water supply resource, the sterilization cycle is short. Sterilization drugs can use 500-100 mg/L sodium hypochlorite solution or 1% peroxygen aqueous solution circulating system flow or soak for about 30 minutes.

    uf membrane module

    2. The uf membrane module should be handled with care, and pay attention to maintenance. Because the uf membrane module is a high-precision device, you must be careful when using it and installing it, let alone breaking it. If the parts are out of use, they should be cleaned with cold water first, and then 0.5% formaldehyde aqueous solution is added for disinfection and sterilization, and it has good sealing performance. If winter parts need to be protected against cold, otherwise the parts are likely to be damaged.

    3. Before using the pvdf uf membrane, be sure to read the article manual carefully, and carry out the actual operation according to the applied processing technology in water treatment.

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