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Application of ro uf membrane in water treatment industry

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-11-26


    Ultrafiltration technology is a new type of sewage treatment technology. It is a relatively complete technology in sewage treatment and is widely used in stainless steel water filter. In the whole process of membrane separation technology, the water is filtered according to the external working pressure. Some colloidal solutions and relatively high molecular weight components in the water will be over-extracted to obtain the purification effect of crude salt. According to the ultrafiltration membrane, most of the colloidal solution silicon contained in the water can be removed, and a large amount of substances can be removed at the same time.

    ro uf membrane

    At present, the stainless steel water filter sold on the market accounts for most of the market share of various household water purifiers and commercial water purifiers of type ro uf membrane. The key to this type of water purification device is the ro uf membrane. It exists and has a wide range of applications, mainly used for separation, concentration of medicines, water purification, and sewage treatment.

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    In the ultrafiltration technology, the ro uf membrane as a key component is mostly made of acetate fibers or fibrous materials with similar characteristics. For example: methyl cellulose compound, polysulfonate, polythiophene, acrylic resin, polycarbonate, etc., according to the different driving force, divided into RO reverse osmosis membrane filtration, ultrafiltration membrane technology and microporous membrane filtration.
    The ultrafiltration membrane technology uses a working pressure to select a filtration method with a pressure difference as the driving force. In general, it is judged according to the specifications of the small particles that the film can prevent the flow of. The ro uf membrane is usually separated by a polymer membrane, and can also be made into other methods such as a plan view membrane or a rolled membrane, which is more suitable for solving the peeling and thickening of the mixture in the aqueous solution, or the colloidal mixture that is difficult to separate by other separation techniques.

    Ultrafiltration membrane method, as a more commonly used method in sewage treatment, has obvious advantages. It can be carried out at room temperature and can be carried out at a temperature between 5 and 45 degrees. The whole process does not require heating, is sensitive to heat-sensitive chemicals, and has a practical effect on the recycling of a small amount of components in the aqueous solution and the concentration of low-concentration solutions.

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