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Fouling and cleaning of hollow fiber uf membrane

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-11-26

1. Pollution of hollow fiber uf membrane

Since the role of the hollow fiber uf membrane is to remove the impurities rich in the original solution, the uf membrane module with excellent characteristics and low interception relative molecular mass is more likely to be blocked by the environmental pollution of impurities, and the surface of the membrane will be intercepted by various kinds of Hazardous impurities are covered, and even the membrane pores will be blocked by finer impurities, thereby reducing its separation characteristics. Whether or not source water pretreatment is better, compared with the good solution to product quality problems, only by determining the environmental pollution speed at which the hollow fiber uf membrane is blocked can the environmental pollution problem be solved essentially. Even if the pretreatment is complete, a small amount of impurities in the water will be Will gradually be affected by the isolation characteristics due to accumulation over time. Therefore, the clogging of the membrane is certain, and the general ultrafiltration system should create cleaning and remanufacturing technology.

hollow fiber uf membrane

2. Cleaning method of hollow fiber uf membrane

a. Physical cleaning method
This method uses the energy of mechanical equipment to remove contaminants on the membrane surface. There are no other chemical changes in all cleaning links.
① Isobaric hydraulic flushing method: For uf membrane module isobaric hydraulic flushing method is one of the immediate results. The specific method is to close the gate valve at the inlet and outlet of the super percolate, and open the gate valve at the inlet and outlet of the fully concentrated water. At this time, the working pressure on the inner and outer sides of the hollow fiber gradually tends to be the same. Due to the pressure difference and the loosening of the stains adhering to the membrane surface, the expanded total flow washes the surface, which is reasonable for removing many soft impurities on the membrane surface.
②Water vapor mixing cleaning method: The purified compressed gas and flowing water enter the uf membrane filter together, and the water-gas mixture will be strongly stirred on the surface of the membrane to remove more reliable impurities.
③Boiling water and pure water flushing method: Boiling water (30℃~40℃) flushes the surface of uf membrane filter, which has a significant effect on removing thick and thermally soluble impurities.
b. Chemical cleaning method
Use certain chemical substances and harmful substances on the surface of the film to carry out organic chemistry or dissolution to achieve the purpose of cleaning.

The criteria for the selection of chemical substances are that they cannot produce other chemical changes or dissolving effects with membranes and other component materials, and that they cannot cause secondary pollution due to the use of chemical substances.

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