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Product function of ro uf membrane

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-11-26

UF ultrafiltration membrane is the main component of large and medium-sized industrial production filtration equipment. It is suitable for solving the separation and concentration of solutes in aqueous solutions, and is also commonly used for the separation of colloidal mixtures with difficult separation techniques.

ro uf membrane

1. Product introduction of ro uf membrane

Ro uf membrane refers to a microporous filter membrane with the same pore size specifications and a rated pore size range of 0.001-0.02μm. The difference between ultrafiltration membranes lies in that by applying an appropriate working pressure on one side of the membrane, the molecular structure of the solute below the pore size can be screened out. At present, it has developed to the third generation, and the third generation has made improvements and independent innovations on the basis of the first and second generations. The raw materials are mainly composed of methyl cellulose and compounds, polycarbonate, polyethylene, polyvinyl fluoride, polysulfone, polythiamine, acrylic resin, polysulfone fluorobenzene, ammonolytic polysulfone, cross-linked acrylic emulsion, and modified acrylic polymer。 Material composition. Compared with traditional separation methods, ultrafiltration technology is safer, more efficient, environmentally friendly and energy-saving.

principle of uf membrane module

2. The principle of uf membrane module

A. Filter the substance. 

Ro uf membrane is a porous structure membrane with very screening and separation functions. Its pore size is only a few microns to tens of nanometers, which is equivalent to 1‰ of a hair. Filtration is a control method for separating solid particles contained in a liquid according to a porous medium. The semi-permeable membrane microporous plate is used to intercept large solute molecules, which can separate particles with a relative molecular mass of more than 500 Daltons and a particle size of more than 2-20 nanometers.

B. Pressure driven. 

The driving force of the ro uf membrane is the working pressure, which generally reaches 1.0 MPa. During operation, the hydraulic water solution passes through the membrane, and the large solute molecular structure is retained on one side of the membrane according to the size and appearance of the solute molecules, and becomes an extract. In addition, the solute of small water molecules passes through the membrane to the other side with the organic solvent, and becomes a permeate to be discharged;

C. Dilute with water. 

The tap water that dilutes all the extracts is subjected to ultrafiltration, and the low-molecular structure solutes in the material liquid can be further discharged through the liquid to gradually purify the chemical substances of the polymer material.

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