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The structure and application of pvdf ultrafiltration membrane

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-11-26

The pvdf ultrafiltration membrane is a membrane element that uses pressure difference as the driving force for filtration, and is generally made of acetate fiber or characteristic fiber material. It is very suitable for the stripping and concentration of substance concentration, and the more commonly used can also be used for the separation of jelly mixtures that are difficult to separate by other technologies.

pvdf ultrafiltration membrane

1. The structure of the pvdf ultrafiltration membrane.

The structure of the pvdf ultrafiltration membrane is specifically divided into a symmetrical shape and an asymmetrical shape. The symmetrical membrane element is isotropic, has no skin, and has the same porosity in all parts, and belongs to the deep filter membrane element. The asymmetric membrane has a compact surface, with a finger-shaped structure as the core bottom part, the surface thickness is generally below 0.1μm, the microporous plate is arranged in an orderly manner, and the bottom wall thickness is 200-250μm, which belongs to the surface filter membrane element.

ultra filtration system

2. The principle of pvdf ultrafiltration membrane.

It has a unique pore size of 0.01-0.1µm, and uses the pressure of the membrane separation equipment on both sides as power. It can effectively remove germs, most of the virus infection, colloidal solution, mud and other chemical substances during use. The smaller the membrane diameter, the higher the sludge load. The generally used working pressure is 0.01-0.03MPa, and the relative molecular mass of the type pipe flow with a screening diameter of 0.005-0.1 is 10-50 thousand Daltons.

3. Application fields of pvdf ultrafiltration membrane.

a. Reverse osmosis preparation treatment: It can bring more stable and better water seepage to the ultra filtration system, to a large extent, keep the membrane from being damaged and clogged, and prolong the service life of the ultra filtration system. It is widely used in my country's electric power engineering, petrochemical, crude oil, electronic equipment and other fields. The daily water flow can exceed 600,000 tons, and the market share is higher than other ro uf membrane;
b. Drinking water equipment: high filtration accuracy, can remove various suspended solids and colloidal solution residues in water, especially when used to remove recessive cells, flagellates, Escherichia coli and other pathogenic microorganisms;
c. Sea surface filtration: It can completely replace a variety of traditional solutions such as concrete, sedimentation and multi-substance filtration. It can be used in several reverse osmosis desalination equipment systems around the world. It can provide high-quality and stable water seepage, and industrial water in steel and other fields. Plays a vital role in the environmental protection industry;
d. Reuse of chemical wastewater and municipal engineering wastewater: it can be used to remove the common suspended solids, colloidal solutions, organic compounds and other residues in chemical wastewater and municipal engineering wastewater treatment, and can basically complete the advanced treatment and reuse of sewage and wastewater.

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