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Application and classification of ro uf membrane

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-11-26

1. Product introduction of ro uf membrane

Ro uf membrane is a membrane separation device that can purify and separate aqueous solutions. The ultrafiltration membrane system software is an aqueous solution separation equipment that uses ultrafiltration membrane filaments as the filter material and the pressure difference on both sides of the membrane as the driving force. The uf membrane filter only allows organic solvents (such as water), carbonates and organic compounds in the small molecule water in the aqueous solution to pass, and the suspended solids, colloidal solution, protein and microbial strains in the aqueous solution are intercepted to achieve purification. And the purpose of separation.

ro uf membrane

2.The application of ro uf membrane

At this stage, ro uf membrane is widely used in water treatment technology, playing an increasingly important role in RO reverse osmosis pretreatment, drinking water treatment, industrial sewage treatment and other industries. It plays a leading role in the whole process of pyrogen removal and the concentration of foods and medicines.

The uf membrane filter usually used for water treatment has a relative molecular mass of 300 Dalton, and the hollow fiber uf membrane with a relative molecular mass of 60 billion Dalton is mostly used in raw material separation, concentration, sterilization, heat removal and other industries. 

hollow fiber uf membrane

3.The classification of ro uf membrane

Mainly can be divided into flat type and tube type. According to different tube diameters, the tubular ultrafiltration membrane can be divided into hollow chemical fiber, capillary and tubular. At present, most of the ultrafiltration membranes used for water treatment on the market are mainly capillary type. The hollow chemical fiber (inner diameter 0.1-0.5mm) high pressure polyethylene or polypropylene microporous membrane used in some engineering projects should actually be hollow fiber. membrane.

The composition of the ultrafiltration membrane filament can be connected to the ultrafiltration.

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