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Product function of ultrafiltration membrane for wastewater treatment

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-11-26

1. Product introduction of ultrafiltration membrane for wastewater treatment

Ultrafiltration membrane for wastewater treatment is a microporous filter membrane with the same pore size specification and model, and the rated pore size range is 0.001-0.02μm. Applying a moderate working pressure on one side of the membrane can screen out the molecular structure of the substance with a concentration below the pore size, and separate particles with a relative molecular mass of more than 500-5000 Daltons and a particle size of more than 2-20 nanometers. Ultrafiltration membrane is one of the early development and design of polymer material membrane separation. The ultrafiltration device was modernized in the 1950s and 1960s.

ultrafiltration membrane for wastewater treatment

2. Ultrafiltration membrane technology

The ultrafiltration membrane technology is widely used in industrial production and has become one of the actual operations of the new chemical plant module. Used for separation, concentration and purification of biopharmaceuticals, pharmaceutical products and the food industry; also used for terminal equipment solutions for blood night treatment, sewage treatment and ultra-pure water system production. Ultrafiltration membrane for wastewater treatment has been successfully used in China to concentrate and purify Chinese herbal medicines. With the development of technology, it will eventually be improved and improved, and its contribution to human society will also increase.

ro system membrane

In the past two to three years, with the development of industry, water pollution has become more and more serious, and the requirements for water pretreatment have become higher and higher. As a reasonable water pretreatment method so far, the sales market of ultrafiltration membrane for wastewater treatment in China has gradually and rapidly increased. Compared with the ro system membrane, the relatively strong market share has not produced a large share at present. There are more than 30 institutions and universities engaged in membrane product research and development in China, and more than 300 companies engaged in membrane production and manufacturing.

In addition, in recent years, the ultrafiltration membrane for wastewater treatment and the non-specific adsorption absorbent for pyrogen have closely combined the actual effect of pyrogen removal. Scientific research is very valuable. It is very possible that the method of environmental protection by simply relying on steam distillation to remove pyrogens is more environmentally friendly and reasonable, and these aspects may be improved in the future.

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