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Characteristics and applications of uf membrane module

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-11-26

During operation, the uf membrane module uses the pressure difference as the driving force to promote the filtration of the membrane. The overall design is divided into symmetrical and asymmetrical, and the relative molecular mass size that can be intercepted is between 0.001-0.02um, and the unique component design scheme Make it have special multi-characteristics in application.

ro uf membrane

1. Features of uf membrane module

A. Each uf membrane module is filled with 1,400 membrane filaments, and the length of membrane filaments is increased by 100 mm, which promotes the expansion of the total membrane area by 15%, the water diffusion coefficient is large, and the reasonable total membrane area is higher than other specifications;
B. Choose a scientific and reasonable anti-pressure leak-repairing design to ensure that the ro uf membrane is unlikely to see water, open glue, or violent glue during use;
C. The inlet and outlet ports are universal joint sleeves with 45mm external threads, which can be bonded to 1 inch ABS or PVC drinking water pipes immediately, without the need to modify the tee joints. When replacing the ro uf membrane, just unscrew the 4 union sleeves with a diameter of 45mm in the inlet and outlet, you can remove the old membrane, and then replace the new membrane;
D. The bonding method between the shell and the threaded sleeve often adopts imported super glue bonding, the bonding length is extended, and the connection gap is consistent. Prevent water seepage in the entire application process, open the glue state, the bonding method can fully meet the quality standard;
E. The end cover is a hemispherical convex structure. Compared with the traditional inner hole plane structure, the water seepage is more symmetrical in the end water replenishing mask filament, and the wall thickness is 1mm thicker than the ordinary membrane element to ensure that it is not easy to crack under high pressure impact;

F. The shell is made of impact-resistant ABS material, the working capacity of withstand pressure can reach more than 16KG, can withstand various working pressures that may be generated in the water, and prevent the ultrafiltration membrane 3 from being stressed for a long time during the entire use process, and the membrane material stress relaxation Causes water seepage.

uf membrane module

2. Application fields of uf membrane module

A. Ultrafiltration membrane 3 is widely used in household ultrafiltration water purifiers, and its key component is the ultrafiltration membrane. Can remove biological macromolecules, colloidal solutions, proteins, particles, etc. in the water;
B. uf membrane module can be used to concentrate skimmed milk and prepare 50%-80% protein skimmed milk;
C. It can be used in small-scale wine production lines, mainly used for the deep purification of wine source water, which can reasonably reduce the concentration of various pollutants in the water, remove secondary pollution caused by the pipe network, and achieve the high-quality source water required by the wine processing technology Regulation;

D. Widely used in the automotive industry, metal laser cutting processing wastewater, food and chemical wastewater and other solutions and the recycling of effective ingredients.

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