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Reverse Osmosis Membrane Replacement Project for Dairy Products Company

1.Background of the project

Dairy products are essential foods for human life. The production of dairy products requires a large amount of purified water, which is basically produced by using reverse osmosis membranes to purify municipal tap water through reverse osmosis processes. The reverse osmosis membranes are in a stable state and meet the project requirements and are recognized by the owners.

2. Installation method

a. During installation, the reverse osmosis membrane shell should be pushed from the water inlet end to the concentrated water end. If the installation is reversed, it will cause the concentrated water seal to damage the membrane element.
b. The concentrated water end of the membrane element without the black sealing ring enters the membrane shell first, and the water with the black sealing ring enters the membrane shell after the water is cut off. If it is reversed, it may cause insufficient tangential flow rate during system operation, and concentration polarization will occur, which will increase the pollution rate.
c. When installing the reverse osmosis membrane element into the equipment, the O-ring and concentrated water must be installed. After the reverse osmosis membrane is installed, each unit of the pure water level of the equipment must be thoroughly flushed, mainly flushing Removal of contaminants such as residues and solvents remaining during the manufacture of ultrapure water equipment.

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