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stainless steel sediment filter

Introduction:Stainless steel sediment filter Mainly made of stainless steel, internal use PP melt-blown, wire-fired, folded, titanium filter, activated carbon filter and other tubular filter elements as filter elements. When put into use, choose different filter elements according to different filter media to achieve the water quality. Requirements, suitable for workplaces with high environmental requirements and high filtration accuracy requirements. It has a wide range of applications and is suitable for industrial fields such as medicine, food, chemical industry, environmental protection, and water treatment.

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1. Stainless steel sediment filter the internal mechanical structure with patented technology realizes the real high-pressure backwashing function, which can easily and completely remove the impurities trapped by the filter, clean without dead corners, without flux attenuation, and ensure filtration efficiency and long-term use life.

2. Using 304, 316L stainless steel filter screen, high strength, high precision, corrosion resistance, filtration accuracy up to 25 microns.

3. Stainless steel sediment filter through its own retrieval and response functions, automatic backwashing can be realized, which can cope with unstable water quality fluctuations without manual intervention.

4. Stainless steel sediment filter few wearing parts, no consumables, low operation and maintenance costs, simple operation and management.

5.Stainless steel sediment filter operation, the backwash pressure difference time and time setting value can be flexibly adjusted according to different water sources and filtration accuracy.

6. During the backwashing process, each (group) filter screens are sequentially backwashed; to ensure that the filter screens are cleaned safely and efficiently, while other filters are not affected, continue to filter.

7. Using pneumatic blowdown valve, backwashing time is short, backwashing water consumption is small, environmental protection and economy.

8. The structural design is compact and reasonable, the floor space is small, and the installation and movement are flexible and convenient.

Stainless Steel Bag Filter Housings

1. Design pressure: 6kgf/cm2, test pressure: 9kgf/cm2; 

2. Inlet water temperature: 20℃; 

3. Operating flow rate: 10m/h;

4. Effluent water quality: when the influent turbidity is less than 20mg/L, the effluent turbidity is less than 5mg/L; 

5. Backwashing strength: 15~18L/S·m2 of quartz sand, 10~12L/S·m2 of anthracite, 13~16 L/S·m2 of quartz sand and anthracite; 

6. Turbidity: Influent 10-20mg/L, effluent 2-5mg/L 

Water inlet<10mg/L,Water outlet<2mg/L


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stainless steel sediment filter
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stainless steel sediment filter
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