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4040 RO membrane housing

Introduction:4040 RO membrane housing using computer-controlled automatic pouring molding, the main materials are epoxy resin and fiber materials through special processing, so that the finished product can reach the incomparable advantages of ordinary steel, plastic and other materials in terms of pressure resistance, temperature resistance, and corrosion resistance.

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1. The internal structure of excellent performance is safe and reliable.
2. The excellent combination of supporting parts makes the sealing pressure performance higher.
3. Excellent external surface treatment, so that the product remains as new in any hot and humid environment.
4. Domestic products that are not inferior are better than foreign brand products to some extent.

5. The general performance of the product can be arbitrarily matched with domestic and foreign reverse osmosis membrane series, such as Hydran membrane, Shihan membrane, Dow membrane, Huitong membrane and so on.

ro membrane housing

1. Pressure resistance: 2.0~2.5MPa.
2. Water inlet method: water inlet at both ends, water inlet at both sides.
3. Structure: standard spare parts, convenient and quick to disassemble.
4. Tightness: After pressure test.


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4040 RO membrane housing
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4040 RO membrane housing
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