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HUAMO pvdf uf membrane HM160

Introduction:HUAMO pvdf uf membrane HM160 adopts internal pressure filtration. This structure can easily remove the substances trapped by the ultrafiltration membrane through backwashing or chemical cleaning, and it can also ensure that the pollutants in the incoming water are not mixed with the ultrafiltration membrane. Contact with the outer surface of the membrane to prevent contaminants from depositing and accumulating between the membrane filaments.

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 Product features:
①Unique flow channel design reduces water resistance;
②Hydrophilic modification, improved pollution resistance;
③When backwashing, the water on the membrane surface is synchronized, and the cleaning is more thorough;
④The three-phase continuous asymmetric design improves the strength of the membrane wire;
⑤Film filaments are divided and fixed, and the probability of filament breakage is the lowest during long-term operation;
⑥ Reduce the channel pollution in the rate hole, and it is easier to restore the flux during backwashing;

⑦Dry storage form, storage and transportation conditions: -20℃~+45℃;

pvdf uf membrane

Model: HUAMO uf membrane module HM200
Filtration flux (25ºC): 40-120L/m²/h
Flow range: 3.1 – 9.3 m3/hr
Operating pH range: 2-11
Temperature: 5-45ºC


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HUAMO pvdf uf membrane HM160
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HUAMO pvdf uf membrane HM160
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