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UF Membrane 8060 for sale price

Introduction:UF Membrane 8060 is an Ultra Filtration membrane unit made by PAN material hollow fiber tubes, PVC shell.

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Application range:
1. Treatment of boiler make-up water, industrial high-purity water, medical pure water, food water, etc.
2. Municipal sewage and community water are discharged after biochemical treatment reaches the standard, and then reused after advanced treatment.
3. Treatment and reuse of industrial wastewater such as circulating water, cooling water, reinjection water, and collection water in petroleum, chemical, steel mills, electroplating, printing and dyeing.
4. Milk concentration, protein concentration, enzyme product concentration, starch recovery, electrophoretic paint recovery, vinegar clarification.

5. Treatment of mineral water, purified water, food and beverage water, tap water, and rural drinking water.

Initial water production of membrane module (M3/h): 7
Suggested design water flow rate (M3/h): 2.5
Membrane area flux (L/m2/h): 40~180
Product water turbidity (influent <70NTU): <0.1
Product water pollution index (SDI): <1 (influent water <25NTU)
Membrane module geometric size (mm): φ302×1405
Membrane yarn type: internal pressure hollow fiber yarn
Hollow membrane yarn material: PES
Membrane structure characteristics: alloy hydrophilic double dense layer
Membrane module sealing material: food grade epoxy resin
Molecular weight cutoff (MWCO): 100000
Nominal effective membrane area (M2): 25
Number of hollow fiber filaments (root): 7300
Hollow fiber yarn inner/outer diameter (mm): 0.8/1.2 (1.0/1.6)
Membrane filament module inlet/outlet diameter (mm): D40/D40


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