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HUAMO best uf membrane SFP2860

Introduction:Ultrafiltration is a membrane separation technology. Its process is a solution separation process based on the basic principle of mechanical equipment screening with the pressure difference between the two sides of the membrane as the driving force. In addition to screening, the interception of chemical substances also includes organic chemical functions such as adsorption, resistance, and bridging. HUAMO best uf membrane SFP 2860 has no phase change during the separation process and has low energy consumption; HUAMO best uf membrane SFP 2860 can be performed at room temperature and is suitable for some heat-sensitive chemicals, such as juice, biological products and some drugs for concentration or purification.

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Characteristics of HUAMO best uf membrane SFP2860:
1. The filtration process is carried out at room temperature. The standard is soft and has no component damage. It is especially suitable for the separation, classification, concentration and aggregation of heat-sensitive chemical substances such as medicines, enzymes, and fruit juices.
2. The filtration process has no phase change, no heating, low energy consumption, no need to add chemicals, no pollution, and it is a green separation technology.
3. The ultrafiltration technology has high separation efficiency, the recycling of a small amount of components in the dilute solution and the concentration of the low-concentration solution are very reasonable.
4. The ultrafiltration process only uses working pressure as the driving force for membrane separation. The separation equipment is simple, the steps are short, the actual operation is simple, and the control and maintenance are easy.

5. The ultrafiltration method also has certain limitations, and powdered Chinese medicine preparations cannot be obtained immediately. For protein solutions, generally only 10-50% concentration values can be obtained.

best uf membrane

Model: HUAMO best uf membrane SFP 2860
Filtration flux (25ºC): 40-80L/m²/h
Flow range: 3.1 – 9.3 m3/hr
Operating pH range: 2-11
Temperature: 5-45ºC
Peak water inlet pressure (20ºC): 6.25 bar
Peak operating transmembrane pressure difference: 2.1 bar
Peak running air flushing flow rate: 12 Nm3/hr


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HUAMO best uf membrane SFP2860
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HUAMO best uf membrane SFP2860
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